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John Gola and Bob Schaefer Private Coaching

When it comes to protecting your land from over zealous code enforcement or foreclosing banks, John and Bob are the team that you want on your side.

Land Patents

Bob Schaefer has spent over 35 years researching law and land patents to bring you the most up to date and safest land patent protection methods available. More and More of John and Bob's students are experienceing successes in repelling overstepping regulatory and code enforcement agencies and now you can too!


When facing the daunting task of defending your home from powerful foreclosing banks, you need a team with experience and knowledge on your side. Both John and Bob have years of experience in helping homeowners protect their homes from foreclosure using quiet title actions in court in addition to the Land Patent process. Homeowners should feel at ease and relaxed with the very simplified and easy to use methods employed by John and Bob.

Foundations-Asset Protection

John and Bob also offer effective asset protection through the development of Humanitarian Foundations. The foundations developed by Bob are considered to be tax EXCLUDED and out of the control of powerful taxing agencies and offer a wide variety of privacy and protections.

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