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Our Monthly Membership

The Monthly membership contains over a hundred hours of prerecorded instructional conference calls by our mentors who cover a variety of important subjects. These calls have been indexed and categorized by subject which allows you to learn what you need to know quicker and more efficiently. This service is best for the Do It Yourself-er or as a supplement for other coaching services. This service also includes many of the needed documents and downloads for each featured mentor

Membership Includes recorded conference calls by the following Mentors:

Doug Riddle- Specializing in resolving various tax issues using the Accepted For Value, IRS Response Letter and Executor Letter methods. Doug's recorded calls takes listeners over a hands on step by step process for using the AFV method and understanding the nature and Power of stepping in as the executor for the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME. The combination of these methods have shown to be HIGHLY effective in resolving event the ugliest of tax situations.

Fenner Goldsborough- Featuring The audio version of Fenner's book on the IRS called "Super-Scam". This audio book contains about 9 hours of audio information covering the cold hard truth about the IRS and the misapplication of the income tax laws. This book is HIGHLY recommended for anyone searching the truth about the IRS. Also included is Fenner's one on one private coaching for anyone facing anykind of IRS tax issue. Fenner offers private coaching for members of the monthly membership upon request.

Creditors in commerce Boston seminar-This weekend seminar recording takes listeners on a step by step process for understanding commercial procedures. This seminar establishes the foundation for many of the processes taught by Commerce Coach Gordon Hall. For those pursuing the commercial procedures for issues of court and other legal matters, this seminar is essential for that understanding.

Gordon Hall-Specializing in contract law, Gordon provides numerous insights and nuggets of information that can assist students in gaining an edge in legal matters such as court, responding to summons and complaints, dealing with various law enforcement and Government officials. The basis of Gordon's approach is that many of our legal issues are actually based in contracts. Gordon teaches that not only should we honor these contracts but we can also CHANGE these contracts to our advantage. This information is invaluable!

Only $27 a month!