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Doug Riddle is now offering private one on one coaching to assist those who desire to learn more about the Accepted for Value (AFV) debt settlement method and direction on the Executor Letter Estate protection Method.

Doug has experienced success for several years using both AFV and the Executor Letter in resolving his Public debt and certain legal situations. He has spent many hours studying the foundations of law and principles supporting these methods and is now available to work with individuls to gain better understandings in handling certain debt situations.

Doug's Coaching Package Includes

  • Private personal one on one text communications with Doug

  • Coaching taylored to your unique situations

  • 24 hour access to coaching members area for those late night nagging questions

  • 2 way File sharing to better communicate your unique problems

  • Instant message notification by email when sending or receiving messages

  • The Most Common Issues that Doug Can Assist With

  • Debt Collections

  • Accepted For Value

  • Executor Letter

  • IRS Responses

  • Reviewing Court Documents

  • Feedback on Experimental procedures

  • Sorry, Doug can not assit you with Courts, traffic, land/property related or last minute concerns.

    A Few Words from Doug

    As many have come to me and ask me to help them in their quest, of which I have in some cases and others I cannot, I have come to realize that a lot of my time is being devoted to helping people. Many people have given me donations because I have privately counseled them, even though I attempted to refused payment, as they are paying me in exchange for my labor, knowledge, and spiritual comprehension. As more people keep contacting me, I have decided to put myself out there to counsel others privately. I will not tell you it has a certain value, as most of the information I got free. However, it did cost me my time, and years of study. Occasionally, new information surfaces and needs to be integrated or information may need to be up dated not everyone has time for such things on their own.

    One of the biggest problems I had was that I could not guarantee the outcome, yet that does not hinder others from contacting me, even though they are aware of it. I can only do the best I can do when anyone asks me to counsel him or her. In addition, it is imperative that people do their own documents and research. There lies another problem, they do not always have time to grasp the complex issues and do 20 years of study in a few days. New information is being learned and discovered as well as different sources are being discovered.

    None-the-less, I can help guide you, point you in a direction, and look over a document to see if anything stands out. It does not mean I can read it all or even comprehend your situation. I have listen to many tell me their situation, and over a course of a few months, I learn new things about a situation that would have made me go in a completely different direction had I known before hand. It is not always a fault one can point at, as how can I expect people who do not have time to learn, to know what information is pertinent in their case.

    Therefore, I assist you with research, presentation, and/or methodologies in a private capacity. You will always have to look over the documents and make the final decision of what is needed. Nevertheless, my hope is that you will create a document that is superior, more on point, and gain the knowledge of why you did what you did, or know why I made a suggestion or improvement.

    I do not know much about real estate and prefer to stay away from that. I have worked with AFVs, executor letters, response letters, and basic collection letters. My position is to help you stop them, not take them to court. However, if you go to court, guide you to information that would be of value, and to set them up the best you can.

    What do I mean by set them up? Most people do not take to court the same argument when they make a challenge. This causes them to default on something different, meanwhile they place you in default. When you appear in court, what you bring up in court was not what was in your response to them, however, what they bring up in court is exactly what they brought up in their letters. You are estopped- silenced- and they have the floor. They may be estopped in your letters to them, but not what you bring to court. In fact, they claim administrative remedies have not been exhausted, as they have not even been explored. You are walked on, looked over, or ignored because you did not bring up the correct problem. They win because you did not understand this one concept.

    One another point, biblically, you put God first and last, in addition, look over Daniel 2:31-34 the statue, made of gold and silver (money) Brass, (strong) and feet of Iron and clay- the feet are the foundation, always seek the foundation as much as possible, it is its weakest. Know their creation cannot bring up constitution or religion, as you have rejected these, so we need to get back on point.

    The courts are administrative, but they are essentially appeals, the judgment has already been rendered, they placed you in default now they seek enforcement through the courts and they have to show they gave you due process, opportunity to respond and cure the default. They do this, they win, while your screaming unfair, you had the opportunity to respond and did not- so we do the same to them, flip it, and make it known they have a duty to respond to us, remove doubts before they can walk all over us. If you have information that may be useful to me and others share.

    On certain topics, I may create ppt, or other useful documents, generic, in which you use as a learning tool, make corrections to use. However, as always, verify everything or as much as you possible can, I make mistakes or trust sites that are not trust worthy, but you will have something to verify and places to look. You may become nervous due to suddenly, not hearing anything from your adversary, this is a good thing. My basic premise is, I do not want to go to court, I do not want to lose, and I want to be left alone as much as possible. Let us stop the extortion. There is one last thing to mention: it is only my opinion based on the information recalled.

    My name is Douglas Riddle and I will counsel you as much as possible and extend your research beyond what you can do by yourself.

    1 month of private coaching for only $200