Understanding What Has Brought Us to This Point

Most people today do not need much convincing to know that our country is in VERY serious trouble. Our debt is sky rocketing, our politicians no longer listen to the wishes of We the People, Police agencies with unprecedented new powers are popping up everywhere and our manufacturing industries have been shipped overseas leaving our future generations with massive debts to pay, an over regulated way of life and seemingly no way out.

So what happened? How did all of this come to be? When and where did it start and how does it affect me now? The answer is not so straight forward or easy for the average person to comprehend, but more and more people are buckling down and learning the facts.

Creation of the UNITED STATES Corporation, A Foreign Government

The story basically begins at the start of the American civil war, which was not about slavery per se, but about economic slavery regarding the mortgaging of the lands in the Southern states. Before the fist shots of the Civil war were fired, the representatives from the Southern states walked out of congress Sine Di, or without any plans on returning. At this moment, the American republic was broken.

At the end of the war congress finally reconvened and passed what was called the United States Reorganization act of 1871, also known as the Act to provide a municipal government for the District of Columbia. However, this government was different; it was structured as a foreign owned CORPORATION and called the UNITED STATES! It even adopted the Republic constitution but changed only one word. They changed the word Constitution FOR the United States, to the Constitution OF the United States. Therefore this change made the constitution a possession of the government corporation and NOT the possession of the people. The only power this government had was to govern over matters of COMMERCE. What we call STATE OF, is actually a SUB corporation of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and not a Republic Union state.


Creation of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the IRS

Fast forward to 1913 and the passage of the FEDERAL RESERVE banking act. After meeting secretly on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia, a group of very powerful and wealthy men forged a plan that would put control of Americas money supply into the greedy hands of only a few private bankers. Our country has not been the same since. Now, bankers could lend money to the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT that they created out of THIN AIR, and we the people would be responsible for paying this debt back to private bankers with our blood, sweat and tears! In fact, it is the IRS that is responsible for collecting the interest payments for the national debt in the form of the income tax. That's right, all the money that you have ever paid in income taxes goes into the hands of private bankers as interest on a phony debt! Not a fair trade at all, it is called ECONOMIC SLAVERY!

Photo by Dan Smith


The Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES in 1933

Now for the final blow, the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES as so declared in 1933 with House Joint Resolution 192, also known as HJR 192. In HJR 192, congress outlawed the demand for payment of debts in gold or any particular form. In fact what this did was to place a secret lien against ALL property in America as collateral to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.This was done without the full knowledge and consent of the American people. As bad as that sounds, the positive side is that the passage of HJR 192 changed the staus of Americans to CREDITORS in the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES CORPORATE GOVERNMENT. Since gold or any particular form of payment was now illegal, how would Americans pay their debts? Simple, with the credit owed to Americans for the mortgaging of all of their property and the property of future generations.


Background Summary

In review, things in America are not what we have always been taught. What we call government is actually a corporation within the District of Columbia and the territories, and has been operating in chapter 11 bankruptcy since 1933. The funding source for this bankrupt corporation does not come from constitutional gold, but from privately printed fiat currency or federal Reserve notes ( Dollar bills) hypothecated upon the lives, property and labor of the American people. The court system no longer operates by the constitution but instead operates as a private commercial court adjudicating matters of contracts. Commercial contracts include both civil and criminal issues. Finally, due to the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, all Americans are privately recognized as being the true creditors in the U.S. Bankruptcy. It is the individual American that possesses all the power that runs the entire U.S. financial and legal systems.