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Protect Your Assets, Money, Income Streams
and More with Tax Exempt Asset Protection


tax exempt

The controlling principles of our entities are PRIVATE!
There are no government databases showing who the current controlling principles are in the organization. This makes it harder for litigants and predators to find your assets, the harder to find your assets, the more protection you have!

Tax Exempt

Most of our asset protection entities come with a Tax exempt EIN. What this means is that our entities come with a CP575E EIN and are outside of the IRS jurisdiction.

Why is this important?

This is important for several reasons:

  1. This is the perfect vehicle for a small one person business like consulting, photography or other freelance type business that allows for LEGAL tax avoidance.
  2. Real Estate investors can buy, hold and sell Real Estate without incurring Capitol Gains tax. Save more money for more investments.
  3. Stocks and other income producing ventures can also legally avoid the income tax with our asset protection vehicles giving you more money for more investments. Saving money means making more money and that is important!


Lawsuit Protection

Do not wait until the lawsuit has been filed against you to acquire asset protection. A lawsuit acts in the same way as a lien. As long as an active suit against you is pending, you will be unable to sell your assets without being seen as hiding assets or being in contempt of court! By being proactive, you can protect your assets BEFORE the lawsuit is filed. By divesting personal ownership of assets into asset protection entities before a lawsuit is filed, you are staying away from trouble by legally protecting what you have worked hard to obtain. They can only take what you own, if you do not own anything they can not take it.

Real Estate

Our asset protection entities are a fantastic method of owning and controlling Real Estate whether personal or investment.


Using our entities to protect your home gives you the ability to remove your home from the liability of personal ownership while giving you the full control of ownership. Should you encounter a personal lawsuit or tax liability, your home will be protected, however, property taxes still apply. Because our entities are tax exempt non profit, there is no capitol gains tax on the sale of the property.


Are you building a Real Estate portfolio of investments? Our entities will allow you to buy, own and sell Real Estate. Our entities are able to pass title insurance without having to remove the properties from the entity in order to buy or sell. (Some restrictions may apply if bank financing is involved. )

Because the entity is a tax exempt non profit, the rents collected are tax exempt and no capitol gains upon the sale of the property. This means more money for YOU!

Inheritance and avoiding probate

Our asset protection entities also give you the peace of mind of passing down your estate without the nightmare of probate court. By placing your assets in an entity, you can pass down assets to your children by simple instructions within the entity operation without any attorneys or probate court. Clean, simple and no death taxes.

Marriage and Divorce

Current marriage and divorce laws are becoming more and more unreasonable which has left millions of divorcees forced to give up half if not all of the assets they have worked hard to obtain, again, if you do not own it, it can not be taken away from you. By planning ahead and placing your assets into an asset protection entity you can shield your assets from the ugly practices of divorce court. Keep in mind, each states marriage laws are different and each state has various requirements about how assets are handled by married couples. We recommend that large assets, like a home be placed into an asset protection entity before getting married or upon purchase of a new asset. Contact us for consultation on this issue.

Bank Accounts

Our asset protection vehicles can also be used to open bank accounts at any bank in America. This gives you the privacy and protection of banking for personal and business needs without fear of confiscation by tax liens, court judgments, debt collectors, medical bills or other predators.

What About Trusts?

Trusts have been used for asset protection for a very long time, however, there are some inherent dangers to trusts.

  1. The inadvertent crossing of roles in a trust could spell big trouble for well meaning asset holders. The crossing of the roles in a trust could invalidate the trust and end up placing your assets at risk or even send the asset holder to prison.
  2. Involving a third party to be a trustee can be a hassle and dangerous. The trustee of a trust has what is called the incidence of ownership and therefore exposing the assets of the trust to confiscation or theft by the trustee. The trustee of the trust does NOT have to follow the instructions of the trust and can actually sell the assets and take off with the money never to be seen again. A situation like this leaves an unlikely chance for recourse.
  3. The trustee can also have a personal liability that could put the assets of a trust in jeopardy! Should a trustee have a tax lien or judgment against him, the creditor could actually penetrate the trust and liquidate the assets (YOUR STUFF) to pay for it. YES, THIS HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

Simple and Easy

Our asset protection entities are very simple and easy to operate, they are safe and benign. There is very little room for trouble so you can sleep easy at night. Only you or those you trust and assign are in control of your hard earned assets. The key element of our asset protection entities is, YOU DO NOT OWN IT, you only control it!

Own Nothing, Control Everything!

asset protection

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