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Legally Resolve Your IRS Issues - 3 Simple Steps

Are you dealing with overwhelming IRS issues?
Are you confused and not sure which way to turn?

Our webinar will give you the powerful tools you need to to put the IRS on defense and to reclaim control of your money and your freedom.

Regain your freedom by attending our "How To" webinar showing you how to go to the US tax court and to achieve victory! (Mostly done on paper, usually no court appearance needed)

In this webinar we go over the 3 easy steps to claiming your tax freedom.

Step 1 - FIll out US Tax Court Petition and mail it in. (Easy Peasy)

Step 2 - Wait for the Commissioners' motion to dismiss and the Tax Courts order of dismissal

Step 3 - Use the Commissioners motion and the tax court order to release liens, levys and garnishments

Court sounds really scary, but seriously, this is super easy
anyone can do it AND weekly live training calls are included to help you.

In the Webinar the tax court steps we cover are:

* How to Fill in the petition Kit for maximum effect
* How to read and understand the various court documents and responses
* How to properly respond to motions and orders (Much easier than real court!)
* How to use the motions to dismiss and the court order to remove liens, levys and garnishments

Other important subjects we cover include
* Why the IRS is collecting from you without jurisdiction and how to use it to your benefit
* Why a 1040 Tax form is illegal for you to use
* How to file a proper return or statement that protects your financial privacy
* A lesson on tricky words and how they are used against you
* How to shut down an in person IRS meeting in under 1 minute (Yes, this really happens!)
* Where the law allows YOU to opt-out of the income tax (Yes, for real!)
... and more

Thousands of people have been successful in using this method
to free themselves from unnecessary IRS burdens.

Here are a few of our success stories:

Testimonial 1- Brad has his retirement restored after tax court decision

Testimonial 2- Petitioners case was dismissed due to IRS not following their own procedures

Testimonial 3- Daves success with taking a tax court attorneys phone call. Cary shares release of lien success

Testimonial 4- Roy avoids criminal sentencing because IRS did not follow procedures

Testimonial 5- All of petitioners retirement was garnished and now they have all of their paycheck

Testimonial 6- Success story after appearing before agents and an extended lesson on jurisdiction and law

Testimonial 7- How to use your tax court order

Also included with membership are training conference call audios broken down into easy to follow steps and procedures, free weekly training calls and court templates.

Membership recordings cover step by step how to fill in the petition kit, how to respond to phones calls from attorneys (also very easy) and how to submit responses to the court.

Webinar Free Preview!

Please watch the first 27 minutes of the webinar

Only $37 per month!