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Who Really Owes the Income Tax?

My name is Fenner Goldsborough. I'm an old guy (83) as I write this short summary of my book, Super Scam, in the summer of 2010. Knowing that I have never been required by law to do so, I haven't filed a tax return with the Federal government since 1975. I am former Chairman of Free State Constitutionists in Baltimore, Maryland, now retired and living with family in Gaylord, Michigan. I have spent most of my adult life as an open student and public critic of the unconstitutional misapplication of the income/excise tax imposed by Title 26 of the United States Code, better known as the Internal Revenue Code, to the earnings and other receipts of U.S. citizens.

My book Super Scam is a compilation of information contained in the thousands of flyers that we at Free State Constitutionists wrote and distributed all over the United States during the past thirty years. None of the information contained in these detailed flyers has ever been challenged by lawyers from either the Justice Department or the Internal Revenue Service. This paper will briefly summarize the contents of my book which explains why almost all American citizens have never legally owed an income/excise tax and how they can stop paying a tax they have not owed but have been unknowingly volunteering to pay for many years.

Simply stated, most Americans have been bamboozled for decades into believing IRS' propaganda-that the law requires them to pay a tax on their earnings or other receipts. My book shows why this is not true on two distinct counts. First, the book explains that it is prohibited by our Constitution. (See the synopsis/summary of Chapters I and II of my book on my web site-www.super-scam.com.) Second, the law itself, which is embodied in Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code supports the constitutional prohibition when it is carefully read and understood. My book analyses the key sections of the I.R. Code in detail in Chapters III through VII. A valuable tool for the reader to protect himself against any criminal prosecution, after acting on information contained in the book, is described in detail in Chapter VIII. Chapter IX provides fourteen of the most-frequently asked questions and answers on the subject matter of the book pointing to more detailed response to each question by chapter designation. A prologue, preface and epilogue in the book provide a meaningful introduction and conclusion, the epilogue detailing my solution which would have a far- reaching positive effect, not only on our nation's economy but on the well-being and happiness of our people. I suggest the preface, prologue and epilogue be read first, followed by Chapter IX (Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers) which will refer you by chapter reference to details on the questions and answers in Chapter IX.

As this is written in the summer of the year 2010, our nation suffers from an expanding economic crisis created in large measure by the current administration's HYPER-INFLATIONARY tax-and-spend policies. History proves that for every dollar of taxes our government collects, they spend $1.58, increasing the national debt by 58%. In other words, taxes create spending! An end to the unconstitutional and statutorily-misapplied income/excise tax on the earnings and other receipts of American citizens would provide almost instant relief to the economic turmoil our country is currently facing. It would immediately divert the flow of billions of dollars into the public pocketbook rather than into the wasteful government treasury, with a resulting unparalleled economic boom as these billions are spent in the marketplace. This would go a long way towards our nation's sorely needed remedy from our current depression and cause a major slow-down of our nation's escalating multi-trillion dollar debt!

SUPER SCAM shows you how and why you can legally stop the theft from your pocketbook and give yourself an immediate big raise. By spending the money you save in the marketplace, you are helping our country's economic recovery.

History shows that many corrupt governments have existed for thousands of years. Unfortunately, our country, through the IRS' incredibly successfully propaganda, has deceived us on this issue for almost a hundred years since passage of the Sixteenth Amendment. Fortunately, diligent researchers have exposed the scam in recent years, giving rise to alternative taxing plans by government. The VAT (Value Added Tax) and/or the National Sales Tax are the most commonly proposed by our government to replace the income tax before the increasing knowledge of its unconstitutionality becomes common public knowledge. Our government is aware that such information will create a massive backlash against both Congress and our courts, most of whom support the scam. Today it remains to be seen whether or not an outraged revolutionary-minded public will force change before our government can legislate an income tax replacement.

Finally, the Bible supports our founding fathers constitutional prohibition against taxation of our citizens' labors or other earnings. There is much scripture in support. For instance, in Matthew 17:25, Jesus asked Peter "...of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers?" And when Peter answered him "...of strangers.", Jesus said to him, "Then are the children free." The Bible tells us that our government, like the church, is ordained of God and like all the rest of us, the government is also required to obey God's laws. God is good all the time; God does not authorize the government to break any of His laws or commit any other atrocity it likes just because it is government. Throughout scripture, whenever government does evil, it is severely punished. God created government to be a servant-not a master. Our founding fathers based our entire nation on the Bible. Our third president, Thomas Jefferson, said: "Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God." When our government strays from God's path, it is our God-given duty and requirement to resist. Our Lord requires that governments also obey His laws.

The United States is a Christian nation. In obedience to His law, the founding fathers, as devout Christians, built into our Constitution a total prohibition against any direct taxation of our citizens who, indeed, were free (again Matthew 17:25 & 26). Although ignored by the IRS, that freedom has always been, and still is, embodied in the prohibitions of Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 and Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4 of our Constitution. Chapter II of SUPER SCAM proves the limited authority of the Sixteenth Amendment to tax, as an excise, ONLY profit or gain from government-granted privileged activity. Our nation's citizens-God's "children" are, indeed, FREE as our Lord told Peter in Matthew 17:26! summaryofsuperscam.07/29/10(Rev. 03/09/11).

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