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26 State Foreign Post

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24 Birth estate, Cestui Que

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As a youth, my mother taught me, seek truth and knowledge. Truth will set you free, knowledge is power. I started studying nutrition in the early 80's. I also attended a variety of self-improvement seminars: LRT (Loving Relationship Training), GMI (Guided Music & Imagery) (in England), NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming) and self-improvement such as Re-Birthing. The NLP with Tony Robbins was a fire walk. They made a long stretch of burning coals and we walked over it, I think there were a couple of thousand that night. It was the beginning of my understanding that we have far more capability and potential then we can possibly tap.

I was married to a Brazilian in the 90's also divorced the same in the 90's, we were just different people from different worlds.

I was involved in 2 different motorcycle accidents, both hit and runs. I was on the motorcycle. The doctors said that my neck and left arm were permanently damaged. Due to the severity of the accidents, motion of my neck was limited; my arm would drop when it got to a certain level, my left knee would have severe pain and then lose all ability to hold me up.

I have worked in a variety of jobs; my trade was in commercial printing industry but computers replaced my job. There is nothing like knowing you work real hard for a company so they can afford to purchase your replacement. Of course, they never considered all of the times I canceled my vacation plans, weekend plans and worked a lot of overtime. They just said, "we will call you when we need you".

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Because I was in the Union, I was often hired in the times when the company had a lot of work and quickly laid off when things got slow. I therefore moved from shop to shop until I got tired of it all and began looking for alternatives.

About this time I was introduced to Irwin Schiff and the famous motto, "show me the law". It took quite some time for me to really understand what was happening in this land of freedom, home of the brave but were, in fact, really enslaved. I wanted freedom, from tyranny, fraud, lies, and government corruption. I blamed and wanted to see the end of the IRS and Federal Reserve.

As I began to learn some things about law, I stopped a garnishment; they actually return all the money they were about to send to Oregon Department of Revenue. I have stopped many debt collectors. It was good practice. I took out an advance from a new credit card I had however, it had a three thousand dollar limit, and I requested five thousand and got it, they goofed by not checking the limit. After I spent it, they asked for it back, it was a cashier's check. They were charging me twenty-five dollars a day. I began studying law and specifically the FDCPA. I made an offer as a friend recommended to show good faith that I was intending to settle the debt that I admitted to owing. They rejected the offer, and said; "it is going to collections". I thank them: I bet they were confused. I sent off a debt verification letter to the collection agency and never heard about that debt again.

Do You Have Any Money- By Douglas Scot

My mother had lung cancer, most likely due to years of smoking cigarettes that the cigarette industry said were harmless. They did not always have the death warnings on the packages. My mother was willing to seek out any kind of alternatives along with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She, of course, died several years later. A couple of years later, I discovered I had cancer, a very pale to whitish area which grew into lumps, fortunately I was tuned into the alternatives and discovered a company that had natural products, nutraceuticals, that had the ability to reverse a lot of disease or unpleasant, unhealthy condition.

I began taking these special nutraceuticals for several days and then one day, the cancerous lump on my chest got blood red. I decided to stop taking it. An hour later I checked the lump again and it had noticeably shrank. I still take this stuff today and recommend it. It had side effects, my leg quit giving out on me, other pains that I was so accustom to, started to suddenly disappear, I could raise my arm higher and higher, it also got stronger. In addition, I could turn my neck full motion. I began to study this and other natural alternatives and medicine. I quickly learned that medicine was only to cover symptoms, not designed to cure anything. I became a member of the America Nutraceutical Association, equivalent to the AMA but using natural products. I studied DSHEA, Dietary Supplement Health, and Education Act, telling us why, covertly, you cannot claim anything cures anything. Cure is a non-existent word. It is a pipe dream, a fabrication of an idea that anything can cure anything. To cure would imply that you take it once or in a series, and the problem is gone forever, or until the reptilians, gorgamonster from planet zerpos bites or stings you, again. The problem is due to improper nutrition or non-absorption of the nutrition you are getting. That is it. However, the problem is what nutritional element? If you have scurvy, you eat lemons, oranges, potatoes, or something along this line. Rickets, poor nutrition, as well, but so is cancer, diabetes, ADHD, dehydration, wrinkles, age spots, cramps, and the list goes on and on and on. Medications hide the symptoms; nutrition is the missing link to good health. I created Angelic Nutrition at this time. I wanted to see people gain health freedom, freedom from sickness that no one needs to suffer from.

Read about the Validity of Accepted For Value

I was ordained around 1999, and shortly after received an honorary doctorate of divinity. Dr. Rev. Douglas Scot Riddle D.D. I wanted freedom from the beast. I could not sign a document, 1040, in which I believed would be a lie and a violation of my devotion to God. This began my battle with the IRS. I learned a lot from Schiff, I even begun to teach his methods, "On-line School of Schiff" (OLSOS). However, I began to hear about jurisdiction and no one in Tax Freedom Now (T-F-N) knew what that was. Therefore, I brought it up. Irwin said it was not important. I disagreed. I quit the T-F-N Tax Freedom Now group, while in the midst of going to tax court. I had already gone to appeals, which is a joke, but one has to see it for oneself. I joined Lawworks and began learning about the common law. The Moderator warned us that the IRS contacted him about illegal tax shelters and he gave them everything they wanted and most likely more. I hear the other teacher of the OLSOS, was also contacted with a warrant and she said, no. I asked her for a copy of what she had, rearranged the information and that was the last I heard about illegal shelters. You can get a lot done by Networking.

Clyde Hyde was a great inspiration, I still see names, email addresses, and hear from people that use to belong to Lawworks: he passed away many years ago, but his inspiration lives on in the hundreds of people who learned much. Clyde's plan was to go to District Court and have tax court overturned. I failed in this plan: because I won. The IRS said that the appeals officers lied. I believe Freedom is necessary.

After Clyde passed away, I was invited by a friend to check out these redemption groups. I said that is silly, we explored that idea about the birth certificate a number of times in Lawworks and it always went nowhere and many ended up in jail. She keeps telling me to check it out, so I decided to check it out and tell her what was wrong with it. They had their act together; I began learning new and better information and tools.

I was injured on the job and had to have a knee operation. About the time I went back to work after being in therapy for weeks, a paranoid psychopath attacked me, injured my shoulder. I had time off, so I went to the dentist, eye doctor, therapy and had a massive stack of hospital bills. I was getting calls, some of the debt validation letters worked but then they were passed around to other collectors and it started all over again. I was busy trying to recover; I did not have time or energy for this.

Eventually, I came to hear about Bonds, and this concept of Accepted For Value. It sounded hopeful, so I began to pursue it. I listen to HJR Bonds calls on my iPod as they had been doing calls for a year before I heard of them. Then they started to talk of AFV. I learn how to do it, finally got a hold of a letter they send to corporations, and then I waited, as I did not know what the dangers were. After reading the letter, which said essentially to the CFO, take this Money Order to the US Treasury to be reimbursed. I thought, why? I send the taxes to the IRS, of which the Treasury pays for, why not send bills and AFV directly to them. After all, these people doing AFVs are complaining that they have to battle it out with the CFO's. I heard Sharon say, they did not know of anyone that was injured by following directions and not purchasing with it. I threw out the letter, did all my IRS taxes first, group them into past and then present bills, then the State, past and present, then medical bills etc... My phone stopped ringing from the collectors of the medical bills, the letters stopped. I was satisfied; it had worked.

Then one day, I hear Sharon say, that they had no idea how many are successful, as they don't tell her, only people who have ideas or complaints come on the call. I thought I would call and say thank you. Then they wanted to know all I did, as I did change the plans: all AFVs go to the IRS, one of the three addresses they gave out. Then I began to answer questions about the process, over and over and over, eventually, Angela saw what was happening and put all that information on her website. I started doing some calls, answering questions and here I am today.

After which, I decided to go back to school and get my Bachelor Degree in Marketing and then Masters Degree, of course I AFV-ed the school bills. I am still looking for that freedom: financial, health, and legal freedoms. I went to Europe, and did another fire-walk, and to gain knowledge. Ultimate Business Mastery System, The New Money Masters, and the seminars were by far better than the University I went to get my Masters degree in Marketing. I realized that the only way this country is going to get better is if we do it. Waiting for people who are dictated by "share holders to get better profits" is not going to create jobs that cost 20 to 50 dollars an hour, 8 to 12 dollars and hour, yes; they will hire for as little as possible, that means cheap labor and that is not us or in the US. Houses being foreclosed, credit collectors attacking, courts taking advantage of us, and frankly, we are ignorant. We need better tools, ideas, and thoughts.

Most of us are not here, did not arrive here, because we thought, we need to lower the national debt or this is the right thing to do, we are here because we are struggling financially. I hear of the anger towards Mexicans (illegal immigrants), and I know no one cared 10 years ago. Why do we care now? We want someone to blame, why not the Jews, already did that? Blacks? Indians? Japanese? No, let us blame Muslims, Politian's, IRS, and undocumented workers. Stop blaming anyone. If you have the ability to do what you enjoy, would you really care about anyone trying to eek out a living for him or herself? Blaming only reduces you power. This is why when I am blamed as a scammer, fraud, deceiver etc. I said, yes, you are correct. Why? I have power over that individual, because they said so. I control their life; I forced them to do something that they would not have otherwise done. Amazing, without a gun, blackmail, or extortion, I can do this: I am powerful. As such, they are weak, mindless, and powerless. Therefore, I help them and any potential by saying, do not do this, and this is why I gave orders for some people never to do it. No doubt, they will still blame me. None-the-less, I have the power. On the other hand, and more to the point, they have none. I seek freedom, truth, and knowledge; others seek to blame. I am not even blaming the IRS, IMF, Federal Reserve, or anyone anymore; I support their efforts. It is now about how I can change my situation to function at a higher level in this environment and when I have the ability to influence, how will I do it? It is all about learning; as long as we learn, we grow.

I care about the health of people, I care about people who lack wealth, I care about people who are looking for ways to eliminate or reduce the government infringing on their lives, and I care about the current debts we all have. This is why I am here, this is why I help people and answer the same question repeatedly. What I hope people will question is; what do they really want? To eek out a living and compete for low wage paying jobs? Alternatively, one can choose to embrace life, help others, do what you will and harm no-thing.

If we want the ability to survive and have freedom: we must do something different. While some see this as the worst time in their lives, I see it as the greatest opportunity. Why would anyone want to work for a company who is intent on eliminating their job? Vacations? Weekends? Oh, on my deathbed, I want to say, if only I had spent more time away from people and things I love, this is how we live. No, I will say, I did my best, I embraced life, and I lived. We need to be business owners, but that is the trick, you need a new set of skills, a new set of ideas, and this comes with a new set of problems: it is fantastic to have a new set of problems, the old ones are dying. In fact, the graveyard is filled with people that have no problems, we want and need problems; we want better problems. This is not about people giving up their humanity, becoming snobs, or taking advantage of others. Only you can do that. Money has no life; you control your life. Money is a magnifier that only increases what you already are. If you are trying to kill yourself, money will allow you to purchase better drugs or a stronger rope, however, if you want to live, enjoy freedom, be healthy, help others, then you can do that and so much more. Life is beginning anew. I hope people see this vision of these times as the possibility of ultimate freedom and living. I am here as a guide to a new and better world.