Background- Summary

In review, things in America are not what we have always been taught. What we call government is actually a corporation within the District of Columbia and the territories, and has been operating in chapter 11 bankruptcy since 1933. The funding source for this bankrupt corporation does not come from constitutional gold, but from privately printed fiat currency or federal Reserve notes ( Dollar bills) hypothecated upon the lives, property and labor of the American people. The court system no longer operates by the constitution but instead operates as a private commercial court adjudicating matters of contracts. Commercial contracts include both civil and criminal issues. Finally, due to the bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, all Americans are privately recognized as being the true creditors in the U.S. Bankruptcy. It is the individual American that possesses all the power that runs the entire U.S. financial and legal systems.

So What Does All of this Mean?

What this means is, that to find a solution to the serious problems that one is facing, a fundamental change in thinking must occur. One must come face to face with the true nature of how the system of banking, law, law enforcement and judicial proceedings operate to achieve meaningful resolutions to life situations. That nature is simply the world of "Commerce" and "Contracts"! When one becomes studied at the basic concepts and dynamics of the world of commerce, all new possibilities open up and what was once considered impossible can now be readily achieved.

Whether the issues are:

  1. Criminal court cases, no matter how severe
  2. Civil court cases, no matter what the dollar amount
  3. Mortgages or foreclosures
  4. Crushing credit card debt
  5. Unforgiving student loans
  6. Suffocating IRS tax debts
  7. State and property tax issues

  8. The solutions are available for those who study and apply themselves with the resources available from tenured mentors here at Join us and let us help you conquer the confusion and fear that is ruling your life. Learn to reclaim what is rightfully yours NOW!

    David Icke on International Control Systems

    David Icke describes the background nature of the international control systems that greatly influence our daily Lives. he gives a good description of how modern banking and loan creation really works.

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