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    Land and Property Taxes

  • November 12, 2016 -- Dealing with land within a corporate municipality (25:58 )
    Guest speaker, Paul Tozzi
  • November 12, 2016 -- Guest Speaker Paul Tozzi- A discussion on land rights (38:50 )
    Guest speaker, Paul Tozzi, joins in discussions concerning title, taxes, property transfers and more. Were are easements listed on the deed? Dealing with the folks at the county level and discussion of the Quo Warranto. How to prove the BAR is a Corporation.
  • November 12, 2016 -- How to parcel reclaimed land (5:29 )
    Guest speaker, Paul Tozzi, A a discussion on how to parcel land and to sell it to buyers without giving the land back to the county.Why San Francisco employers do not have to pay minimum wage.How to modify a Trespassing sign to be HIGHLY effective and some of the down sides. Block Grants liens. Satisfying county obligations for only $25. Using a UCC filing to protect your contract.
  • November 12, 2016 -- How to take back your property from the county (13:03 )
    Guest speaker, Paul Tozzi, Also including the land patent. What perteneces are and how they are referenced on the deed. How to do a private recording of land transfer.How you get screwed for $10 with your property and court cases.Torrens registry act.
  • November 5, 2016 -- Dealing with a property tax bill in the mail (9:04 )
    What to communicate on the envelope of tax mailings.
  • October 29, 2016 -- Recording property vs registering at the county (6:41 )
    Some issues with using Land Patents. Who is holding the title to the county courthouse. A little background on the US Postal Service.
  • October 22, 2016 -- Refusing tax bills for an entity like a trust (4:31 )
  • October 22, 2016 -- Property tax removal (12:58 )
    How to test the effectiveness of your methods.
  • October 22, 2016 -- What property tax is based on (11:34 )
    A reference to the Florida constitution. Barratry vs misconduct and BAR licencing.
  • September 17, 2016 -- Land Patents and Paying Off Property Tax (29:23 )
    Paying off property tax obligations. How to payoff property tax. A discussion on the different dollar signs.When a Sheriff is allowed on your property.
  • September 17, 2016 -- Property Taxes- an alternate payment strategy (13:25 )
    An alternative method for paying bank and government debts. Experimental. The case of a mortgage foreclosure.